Kane Counseling Services provides compassionate and knowledgeable therapy services for individuals of all genders, orientations, expressions, etc. Whether you are considering coming-out for the first time, are considering HRT or surgery, have trauma related to your identity or orientation, or have mental health issues unrelated to your gender identity or sexual orientation, our therapists can help you work on these issues in a caring and understanding way.

Kane Counseling Services provides psychological evaluations for referral letters for trans identifying clients for HRT and surgery. We are available to consult with other providers on LGBTQ+ issues and/or questions related to the mental health aspects of the WPATH Standards of Care. 

We provide well-informed, compassionate care in accordance with WPATH Standards of Care in all medical and mental health treatment.

We accept most insurance plans for individual therapy/counseling services. Unfortunately, however, insurance companies have been slow to recognize the medical need for providing assessments/evaluations related to diagnosing gender dysphoria. Because of this we are unable to accept insurance plans for psychological evaluations.

For all appointments for which we do not accept insurance plans we will provide you with necessary documentation that you can provide to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement (if applicable). We will be happy to help you with any paperwork required.